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  • rejuvenating eye cream eye skin serum 15ml
    🌿 Eye Skin Serum 15ml Light, fresh and delicate serum texture refreshes, evens out, moisturises, nourishes, and restores the skin around the eyes Main ingredients: 🌿 Raspberry seed oil – rich in antioxidants and vitamins, mild to absorb quickly 🌿 Prickly Pear oil (cactus fruit) – has a lot of organic acids, sterols, tocopherols – fights wrinkles, tightens, smoothes 🌿 Camellia oil – very popular in Japan, has the ability to instantly moisturise, restore the barrier functions of skin cells, softens and nourishes 🌿 Caffeine – tones, erase wrinkles 🌿 Rosehip Flowers Hydrasol for a gentle and light base 🌿 Glycerin – holds moisture 🌿 Cosmetic eco silk – has a huge amount of protein, has lifting effect, tones, nourishes, moisturizes 🌿 Vitamin A 🌿 Coenzyme Q10 with vitamin E – stimulates collagen and fibroblast production, slows down skin aging 🌿 Essential oils of Rose and carrot seeds 🌿 Vacuum packaging with dispenser saves serum from air and oxidation SPY Skincare Made with Love SPY offers a wide range of skin care products. All products are handmade, from organic natural ingredients of the highest quality.
  • rejuvenating eye cream rejuvenating eye cream
    🐚 NEW delicate anti-aging eye cream, with light and airy texture, perfectly absorbs, and smoothes wrinkles around the eye area 👁👁🙌🌿 🐚 75% of the cream consists of hydrosol--it gives the cream a delicate and light texture 🐚 Cream has very unusual and precious oils: ▪️ blueberry seeds oil ▪️ broccoli seeds oil 🥦 ▪️ Baobab oil 🐚 All these oils moisturize, regenerate, even, deeply penetrate, are antioxidants with a unique composition of anti-aging organic acids and vitamins, and are ideal for the area around the eyes due to their light texture 🐚 The cream is enriched with Vit E, with marine algae extract, and Pycnogenol® component —a natural plant extract obtained from the bark of French seaside pine 🐚 Cream has very delicate, “clean” aroma — just few drops of essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and petitgrain