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  • 🌱 Mint Lip Balm with cinnamon and orange flavor 🍊 🌱 Cocoa butter and beeswax, coconut 🥥 and grape 🍇 oils make lips 👄 soft and nourished 🌱 Balm has a healing effect 👄 in cold 🥶 winter ❄️ time SPY Skincare Made with Love SPY offers a wide range of skin care products. All products are handmade, from organic natural ingredients of the highest quality.
  • Rose & Vanilla Vegan Lip Balm Rose & Vanilla Vegan Lip Balm
    VEGAN 🌱 lip balm 💋 💋 Deeply moisturizing, hydrating, healing, and velvety soft lip balm made with rice bran wax 💋 Cocoa butter, coconut 🥥 oil, peach 🍑 kernel oil, apricot kernel oil, carrot 🥕 seeds oil, Vit E—highly nourishing and softening ingredients 💋 Rose 🌹 & Vanilla essential oils create an elegant touch
  • 🌱 NEW Vegan Lip balm 🌱 jojoba wax 🌱 cocoa butter 🌱 hemp seed oil 🌱 pumpkin seed oil 🌱 🥑 avocado butter 🌱 Vit E 🌱 cold pressed lime, green mandarin, and sweet orange essential oils 🌱 Softens, moisturizes, nourishes, and invigorates with sparkling green zesty citrus taste 🤩