Almond oil face cream for dry skin

Has aroma of 🍊 grapefruit, 🍋 lemongrass, 🍃 mint and cypress 🌿 leaves. With rosewood ester and calendula extract, as well as vitamins.

🧴Almond oil perfectly regulates skin secretions, thereby reduces acne. It has anti-inflammatory 🔥 properties, perfectly softens and nourishes the skin, relieves 🌪irritation.

Almond oil balances ⚖️ any type of skin: it nourishes the dry skin and returns it to a healthy appearance, reduces increased secretion for the oily skin, and balances the mixed skin.

✨The cream is 100% natural, it serves as an antioxidant, reducing the impact of external factors on the skin at the intracellular level✨

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