🌺 NEW Poppy seeds oil face serum 🎀

🌺 Poppy seeds oil is an excellent moisturizer and is a semi-drying oil

🌺 The skin remains hydrated, with velvety feeling

🌺 Poppy serum softens the skin, helps to restore hydrolipidic balance, soothes the irritation, and comforts dry skin

🌺 Constant usage helps to get rid of acne

🌺 Enriched with ether oils of verbena, sweet mint (mentha spicata), vanilla extract, lavender, and orange flowers

🌺 Poppy serum is perfect antioxidant—helps to increase the elasticity and improve skin tone

🌺 Suitable for dry, normal and sensitive skin

🌺 Men can use serum as after shave balm as it heals small cuts and calms skin irritation