🐚 NEW delicate anti-aging eye cream, with light and airy texture, perfectly absorbs, and smoothes wrinkles around the eye area 👁👁🙌🌿

🐚 75% of the cream consists of hydrosol–it gives the cream a delicate and light texture

🐚 Cream has very unusual and precious oils:
▪️ blueberry seeds oil
▪️ broccoli seeds oil 🥦
▪️ Baobab oil

🐚 All these oils moisturize, regenerate, even, deeply penetrate, are antioxidants with a unique composition of anti-aging organic acids and vitamins, and are ideal for the area around the eyes due to their light texture

🐚 The cream is enriched with Vit E, with marine algae extract, and Pycnogenol® component —a natural plant extract obtained from the bark of French seaside pine

🐚 Cream has very delicate, “clean” aroma — just few drops of essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and petitgrain