🖤 Unisex Black Vetiver Soap 🖤

💣 Indulge your yourself with hypnotizing unisex scent 🔥🔥🔥

🖤 ​​Soap with coconut shell charcoal, Himalayan salt, chia seeds, and thyme 🍃

🖤 ​​The aroma of soap stays on the skin for a long time: essential oils of vetiver, tangerine 🍊, juniper berries, myrtle, 🍋 organic lemon, black pepper, and basil 🌿

🖤 ​​Chia seeds, salt, and thyme act as a gentle scrub — carefully cleansing the skin

🖤 ​​Charcoal is an excellent absorbent — cleanses pores, brightens age spots, perfectly stimulates and regulates sebum through detoxification

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