A haven of tranquility in a busy Rathfarnham suburb, the wonderful therapists at our city spa will have you de-stressed and revitalised in no time. Visit for half an hour, or stay all day: we have an extensive range of delightful treatments for you to indulge in. So much so, you may not ever want to leave.

And our city spas are all about the SPY  pampering treats.Just you and our therapists doing what they do best.

Male Spa Ritual - Titanium (1 hour 20 min) - Masculinity, Strength and Domination
Men's refreshing and moisturizing skin treatment.
The procedure includes:
· Cleansing body Titanium peeling, wrapping;
· Shower;
· Relaxing body massage with titanium massage lotion and head massage;
· After the procedure - a cup of tea
The result: a moisturizing treatment for skin.
Price is 120€
Titanium treatment for male 80€ 1 h
Feelings power,vitality
Result moisturizing treatment
 fresh masculine fragrance with an earthy touch

A distinctly masculine treatment with the noble titanium, which will take care of skin lesions and raise the level of skin moisture and durability. A product line with a distinctly masculine fragrance with a touch of freshness, enriched with earth and wood nuances.

 A tonic procedure with wine, based on the regenerative effect of grapes on the body, care for cheerfulness and longer life. Wine along with essential oils, which are rich in skin-regenerating elements and vitamins, will improve well-being, make the skin soft and smooth, help restore its elasticity, give shine, sensuality and mystery.

The procedure includes:

• body cleansing wine peeling, body wrap, shower;
• relaxing full body massage with wine lotion;
• after the procedure - tea 
Result: toned, soft, smooth skin.

Enjoy the magic of wine! 
Red wine treatment 1h 80€

toned, soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin

Toning Bordoux red wine procedure, saturated with grape recovery miracle for body and real care about  vitality and longer life. Red wine, exotic oils in their melting magic rich in skin restoration elements , vitamins and subsequent well-being, will form the skin soft and smooth, restore its flexibility, giving radiance, sensuality and mystery. Massage with red wine peeling will revitalize your skin, restoring it; the mask will satiate deeper layers of the skin with moisture and vitality and you will feel released, tempting and full of joy.

Gold spa treatments 120 min 120€

A nourishing body full of gold aroma that is perfect for attending important social events.

During the procedure, skin-friendly components and natural UV filters are used. T
he main base consists of natural oils, which are supplemented with components that protect against harmful environmental 
influences and moisturizers. Gold has a protective effect against bacteria, and also promotes the penetration of oxygen 
molecules into the skin, restoring cells. The skin becomes younger and firmer, acquires an even health
The offer includes:

• golden body peeling, body wrap, shower;
• full body massage with golden massage lotion;
• after the procedure - a cup of warm tea or a healthy drink.
The result: an unrivaled but unobtrusive golden glow and well-groomed skin.

Enjoy the luxury of gold!